Spacious Tent Sites

There are many benefits to camping in a tent. Studies have shown that sleeping in a tent can reduce stress and reset your circadian rhythm, along with many other health benefits. Generally speaking, it’s good for us to take some time out away from the distractions of a fast-moving world. It’s even better if we can take that time to do something we love outdoors. Even the benefits of reading a book or knitting outside can significantly improve overall wellness. While the fresh air is an immediate bonus, the outdoors are wonderfully stimulating and have been a captivating muse for artists, writers, and other creative minds for many centuries.

At Round Valley RV Park, you can experience the luxury of getting away at a reasonable price and enjoy the area for everything it has to offer including the health benefits that come from being outside. Our tent sites offer an up close and personal experience with breathtaking views in a quiet, tranquil setting. Our sites are large to accommodate our guests while also maintaining a sense of privacy. So whether you are enjoying some solo time in nature, or you are adventuring with an entourage, you will find plenty of room at one of our tent sites.

If you are interested to hear more about our tent sites, or to book your reservation, please contact us.

Bringing your RV instead of your tent? No problem! We offer large, full size, hookups to make your trip worry free and relaxing.


211 Ramshorn Dr. 

Challis, ID 83226